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Where’s Oman?

Oman lies at the southern end of the Arabian peninsula at the Arabian Sea.S The capital Muscat is located about 5300 kilometers from Berlin. The neighbors of Oman are from north to south the United Arab Emirates. Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

What is special about Oman?

In spite of its geographical proximity to sometimes troubled and unstable states, Oman is an oasis of peace and safety. The people are extraordinarily friendly, almost cordial. Oman offers everything for a perfect holiday. The arabic culture, wonderful desert and coastal landscapes, mountains, green oases, small fishing villages and many beaches, sun and sea. The climate is mild in winter. However in summer it is very hot.. A round trip through the Oman is supported by the pretty good infrastructure. Oman is a sultanate, i.e. it is governed by Sultan Qaboos. This attaches special importance to the fact that despite the oil wealth and the modernization, the tradition remains preserved. Bedouins are as much a part of Oman as modern cars.

Ich lebe sehr gerne im Oman. Die Kombination aus freundlichen Menschen, der Kultur und der moderner Einflüsse ist ein Traum. Besonders als Frau fühle ich mich hier sehr sicher. Die gängigen Vorurteile bestätigen sich überhaupt nicht.

How safe is Oman?

Criminality – or better “non-criminality”

According to the German Foreign Office and the crime rate is very low. Those who know the official warnings know that they are usually very cautious. Only those who want to go to the border areas should take precautionary measures.

Especially as a woman, I feel very safe here. The common prejudices confirm not at all.

Natural disasters

Very heavy rainfall with flooding is possible in winter. In summer it is the cyclones that can spoil your holiday fun. I’ve been lucky so far. It’s never been extreme yet.

Source & further information: Foreign Office

Why travel to Oman? What awaits me in my Holidays?

An uncomplicated journey, a good infrastructure, a smooth introduction to the Arabic culture, these are some of the many reasons for my stay here and generally for a trip to Oman. Just like Thailand for the first trip to south-east Asia, Oman offers itself as the first destination in the Orient. No matter whether package holiday or individual trip for any type of traveller, this country offers great experiences.

Arrival Oman

Getting to Oman is easy and uncomplicated. A visa for 30 Days can be applied for directly at the entry for a fee (about 40 euros). I recommend arriving by plane. Oman Air and Gulf Air fly to Oman directly. If you want to arrive over land or by ship, you will face numerous restrictions regarding the freedom to travel and also the security of neighboring countries. It is conceivable to travel here with the ship from Iran or entry via the United Arab Emirates.

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